Bora Bora

Some say Bora Bora is sim­ply the most beau­ti­ful island in the world. This island is in the Lee­ward group of the Soci­ety Islands in French Poly­ne­sia. Today the island is mainly depen­dent on tourism. Sev­eral resorts have been built on motu which means small islands that sur­round the lagoon. Over water bun­ga­lows are typ­i­cal and the qual­ity ranges from cheap and basic to very lux­u­ri­ous and expensive.

Lagoons give way to unend­ing days of snor­kel­ing and div­ing. The shal­low and clear water allows you to see vivid coral and schools of trop­i­cal fish. Other aquatic adven­tures include feed­ing sharks and sting rays. Div­ing is pop­u­lar because of the abun­dance of large marine life.

You can rent a small sail­boat or take a half day cruise around the lagoon on a giant cata­ma­ran com­plete with music. Guided or self-guided itin­er­aries can be reserved or planned by your travel spe­cial­ist before you travel or at the activ­i­ties desk of your resort or cruise ship.

Bora Bora Quick Facts:

  • Pop­u­la­tion: 8880
  • Air­port: Motu Mute Airport
  • Cur­rency: French Pacific Franc
  • Lan­guages: French and Tahitian
  • Nat­ural Resources: tim­ber, fish, cobalt
  • Time Zone: TAHT
  • Cli­mate: Aver­ages between 76 and 84 degrees Fahrenheit


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