Taha’a is a tiny island that is qui­eter than even Raiatea.  You can only get to the island on a spon­sored excur­sion or pri­vate tour.  Inhab­i­tants typ­i­cally fend for them­selves rather than hold a job.  Kids do attend school but the cul­ture and atmos­phere feel worlds away from any­thing vis­i­tors have ever expe­ri­enced before.

You will find this island to be very tran­quil with the scent of vanilla in the air. As a farm­ing vil­lage, Taha’a pro­duces not only vanilla but water­melon and copra. You can find small motu with warm sand beaches. Rolling hills and soft moun­tains define the islands interior.

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