Located 280 miles north­east of Tahiti, Fakar­ava is the 2nd biggest atoll of French Poly­ne­sia: 37 miles long by 15 miles wide. It is an hour and a half flight from Pateete and you can catch flights only three times per week on Mon­day, Wednes­day and Fri­day. The air­port is at Rotoava, the main vil­lage. It has a very large pass at the north end and a smaller one at the south end.

Most of Fakarava’s 248 in habi­tants live in Rotoava. The only other — sort of — set­tle­ment (10 peo­ple ) is on Teta­manu motu (islet) located at the oppo­site end of the lagoon next to the smaller but pret­tier pass.

The Pau­motu peo­ple live off copra (dried coconut pul­pit), black pearl farms and tourism, thanks to the beau­ti­ful div­ing sites here. Fish you will see include bar­racu­das, groupers, loaches, manta rays, eagle rays, grey reef tiger, ham­mer­head sharks, dol­phins and turtles.

Life on Fakar­ava is simple.


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